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SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals Agreement


You can download our Guest Agreement here or view it below.

6805 Gulf Blvd.
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
(727) 623-9010
[email protected]



Name: ___________________________

Property: _________________________

Date: ____________________________

1. Terms and Conditions:
The rights and obligations to the parties to this agreement are defined by Florida Law.
Your signature on this agreement and payment in which to secure a reservation and/or taking possession of the rental property is evidence of your acceptance of the agreement, and that you intend to use the property for a vacation rental. SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC is the management company employed by the owners of the property in question. SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC rents the property to the tenant on behalf of the owners. Please remember this is someone's home and that you should respect it like you would your own.

2. Mandatory Evacuation:
Weather (hurricanes, etc.) and emergency evacuations or states of emergency, are NON-REFUNDABLE since this is out of our control. No deposits, rents, or fees will be returned. SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC recommends Trip Cancelation and Interruption Insurance.

3. Rental Property Owner Cancelation:
SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC strives to comply with the tenant’s reservations for specific rental properties. However, due to ownership changes and owners not continuing to rent out their home, SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals cannot guarantee anyone specific rental for unforeseen circumstances. To this effect, we reserve the right to move the tenant to a comparable rental. If one is not available, then the tenant will have a choice to pick another unit from SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals at the rate listed or a full refund of the monies received by Suncoast Beach Vacation Rentals.

4. Age:
SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC does not rent to people under the age of 23 years old; they must be accompanied by someone over the age of 24. Any rental reservation made under false pretenses will be evicted from the vacation rental and will lose all monies on rental.

5. Check-in Location:
Please check in at our office located at 6805 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, Florida 33706.
Most of our properties have a touch keypad on the door for easy access and your convenience. You will get the code before your arrival if this pertains to your rental.
All renters are asked to do all dishes and take out all garbage from all rooms including refrigerator and freezer. Please leave any keys or key fobs (gate openers and controls) on the counter. If they are not left behind your credit card will be charged for their replacement.
Each rental is inspected before and after you leave and an inventory list of everything in the rental is kept including towels and linens. In order to help keep the costs down and make sure you have everything that you need linens, towels, and dishes are provided. You will be responsible for washing your linens/towels while you are there.

6. Rearranging Furniture:
Please do not move any furniture. This can result in extra time for the staff to get it ready by the next tenant and costs can be deducted from the security deposit or charged to your credit card. Cost begins at $30.

7. Vacation Rental:
SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC cleans and does an inventory before every tenant. Please contact us right away if you feel that something is not as it should be and are worried that you may be charged. SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals will consider this as evidence when you depart from the rental.


8. Subletting and Lease Agreement:
Under no circumstances shall this agreement be sublet or released to anyone else during your stay. There will be no refunds if the tenant should leave early. The person on the lease must occupy the rental while guests are present. Under no circumstances should a guest of the tenant be left alone in the rental.

9. Repairs and property damage:
SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC asks that if any damages are found upon arrival that they are reported immediately to our office. An active credit card is required to maintain the reservation and the integrity of the property. By signing this agreement with SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC you waive your right to dispute any charges that are made to your credit card regarding this policy.
Non-billing stipulations include:

(A) No damage to the property or theft
(B) No violations of rental or association policies
(C) Rental is left in a neat and orderly condition
(D) All garbage is removed from the property

10. Housekeeping:
The cleaning takes place immediately after the tenant departs the property to prepare for the next tenant. While the tenant is present in the unit the tenant is responsible for cleaning the unit. Please take care of the unit, as this is someone's home. Each Rental has been supplied with normal/general home cleaning products. If you would like to have the cleaning done during your visit, a cleaning service will be scheduled for an additional cleaning fee. Overly stained linens beyond normal use will also be eligible for an additional charge. ________ (initial) charge is $20 or more.

11. Smoking:
Smoking is not permitted in any unit. If there is any reason to believe that smoking has taken place in a unit, the tenant will be charged for the cost of smoke damage restoration cleaning, which is $350, in addition to the costs for any damage to furniture or upholstery caused. Permissibility of smoking outside of the unit while on property is based on rules in place by the condo board or individual owner. Ashtrays are not provided, but must be used.

12. Pets:
Pets are allowed in some rentals; however, there will be a non-refundable pet fee. Fees can be different depending on the rental property and the pet(s) size and weight. Dogs must be kept on a leash outside of the unit and walked off property.

13. Supplies:
The cleaning service puts a starter of one roll paper towels, one roll of toilet paper, and one bar of soap per shower to get you started. You must purchase what you need or you can use SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC concierge service before you arrive.

14. Departure:
All renters are asked to wash all dishes and empty trash from all rooms including refrigerator and freezer. The trash must be properly disposed of according to the premises. The charges for the failure to complete these tasks are outlined as; but not limited to: Unwashed Dishes - $25.00, trash not emptied - $20.00, refrigerator/ freezer not emptied - $20.00.

15. Lost and Found:
SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC is not held responsible for accident or injury to our tenant or your guests, stolen items, lost items, or broken items. If you leave something behind and you call to request its return effort will be made to find it and return it for the mailing amount plus a fee.

16. Pools and Hot tubs:
SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC is not to be held responsible for accidents in any areas concerning bodies of water. Most units do not have lifeguards and it is your responsibility for the safety of yourself, your children and guests. Swim at your own risk.

17. Maintenance Problems:
Please notify SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC immediately if you notice any maintenance issue so it can be resolved as soon as possible. Any issue due to maintenance will not result in a refund of rent or fees paid.

18. Final Payment:
SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC requires you to pay for your reservation in full 60 days prior to your arrival. We accept cashier’s check, money order, credit/debit cards. If you do not pay the full amount the deposit and reservation will be forfeited.

19. Deposit and Payments:
If the reservation is made outside of 60 days a 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation. A security deposit will be included in the total amount charge. Security deposits begin at $300 and increase depending on the size of the unit in question. The Security Deposit will be returned within 30 days of a satisfactory inspection.

20. Payment Policy:
Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover Card, Debit Cards, Electronic Checks and/or Cash are accepted. Personal checks are accepted upon request and review.

21. Cancellation Policy:
It is understood that things can happen beyond your control that can cause a reservation to be canceled. This is why SUNCOAST BEACH VACATION RENTALS LLC recommends securing travel insurance. If you have to cancel we need a minimum of a 60-day notice. An administrative fee of $300 will still apply regardless of deposit amount. If you paid with your credit card and were charged 3% processing fee, it will not be refunded. Without a 60-day notice advance deposit, rents or other fees WILL NOT be returned. No refunds for early departure or evictions will be granted.

By signing this agreement the renter/tenant agrees to hold harmless SunCoast Beach Vacation Rentals LLC in all claims and legal matters including but not limited to deposit of monies, lost or stolen monies and/or valuables, pest infestations, double bookings, hurricanes, floods or other acts of nature, fire, theft, changes in zoning laws affecting rentals, and/or bodily harm. The renter/tenant is aware that this agreement is between the OWNER/LANDLORD and the renter/tenant and all deposits monies become the owner/landlords.

_____________________________________________ (Signature of Tenant) __________ Date

_____________________________________________ (Signature of Tenant) __________ Date

_____________________________________________ (Signature of Owner) __________ Date